Dyson v10 Motorhead Review


One of the best powerful Dyson V10 animals comes with an equivalent toolset because the V10 Absolute apart from one thing – the soft roller head, which makes it an excellent option if your home features a lot of carpets. With one of the longest battery run-time we’ve ever seen, the Dyson V10 may be a well-rounded cordless vacuum that’s positioned to dramatically shake up the vacuum industry. This variant is additionally capable of cleaning bare floors because of the adjustable gates.

Why buy Dyson V10:

The Dyson V10 Absolute may be a huge breakthrough in James Dyson’s vision of cord-free stick vacuums replacing bulky uprights. This product has the facility, versatility, and portability you’d want from a cord-free stick vacuum. The attachments that accompany this are varied enough and capable of cleaning most dry areas inside the house and vehicle. This variant doesn’t have the extended deep cleaning performance of the Dyson V11, but it’s considerably cheaper, so if that’s a deciding factor, then this might maybe a good alternative for such. Purchasing replacement filters and batteries won’t be a problem by the end of the day since it’s a well-liked item; there’ll be a bevy of aftermarket options.

How to use:

Using the Dyson V10 Absolute is extremely easy. But before you’ll use the vacuum, it must be setup. once more , this wasn’t a frightening task. After all of the parts are faraway from the packaging you’ll plug the hand-held portion of the unit into the charger. Deciding the way to use the Dyson V10 also can be left to the user. As a 2-in-1 vacuum, users have the selection of attaching the wand to the most base, or a smaller cleaning tool directly into the suction slot of the hand-held . If you opt to use it as a handheld, the well-liked tool are often slid into the quick-release slot on the hand-held itself. Therefore, users have the choice of either a stick vacuum or a handheld.


The Dyson V10 features fantastic suction and variety of accessories and attachments.

The V10 performed well in our cleaning tests, removing 99% of all debris by volume we tested against..

The Dyson V10 run up to 60 minute, to clean right.


The Dyson V10 may be a great choice for tons of users, but it’s not a cheap unit by any means. Although a pricier vacuum, the performance is top-notch and will be well worth the money, counting on your wants and wishes. I would recommend the Dyson V10 if you’re trying to find the subsequent features during a cordless vacuum.

Performance & Cleaning:

It does need a touch coaxing to suit larger bits of debris to either gate. I think this feature is best since the torque drive head is extremely decent on hard surfaces, several cleaning accessories, and a strong cleaning performance overall. If we vacuumed an outsized pile of cereal super fast, it had a bent to make a small clog. We weren’t ready to consistently replicate this cereal clog, so it seems to be something that might occur rarely, and only in cases of ultra-fast cleaning of huge debris with the fluffy cleaning head attached.

Dyson was the primary brand to utilize this sort of brush roll. Unlike a standard brush that uses bristles, a soft roller features a cloth-like covering with grooves spiraling around that help grab dirt of varied sizes. The big clearance ahead of this tool allows it to garbage down larger bits of dirt. It is one of the simplest innovations that any manufacturer came up with and has changed how vacuum cleaners affect hard surfaces. This tool does things that a standard nozzle cannot do, like cleaning up huge piles of dirt.

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