How to Clean a Dyson dc59 Animal

How to Clean a Dyson dc59 Animal

How To Clean A Dyson DC59 Animal Digital Slim:

Move to the side and there is the extension brush tool. Rotate the tool to the right and then rotate it to the left to make sure the opening is facing in the same direction as the floor.

How To Clean A best Dyson DC59 Animal Digital Slim Make sure this fits by entering your model DC59 number Replacement Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Brush Tool. How to Find the Brush Tool Move to the side and there is the extension brush tool.

How to Remove the Brush

Remove the two access points and the two plastic brushes, which fit into the bar. This may take a few tries. Then remove the blade-cutting mechanism with the plastic blades, as the rubber blades are interchangeable with the blade-cutting part. Turn it upside down and tap the tap down with a hammer until it comes loose.

How to Remove the Filter

Step 1- If you would like to keep the filter, put it on the top of the bin.

Step 2- Hold the handle in your right hand and turn the machine to push the filter toward you.

Step 3- You will hear a buzz when the filter is fully attached. This indicates the filter is fully inserted.

Step 4- Press the handle of the cleaning tool to release the filter.

How to Disinfect & Clean

Regularly clean the outside of the Dyson by removing the filter, wiping it down, and cleaning underneath with a disinfectant. If there’s a dirt build-up inside it may need a good clean with an oven cleaner. Cleaning the attachments is also important.

Many people don’t use the brush, so it needs to be cleaned every now and then to prevent the dust from building up. How to Shampoo Your Dyson Make sure you dry your Dyson before it gets too dirty. A wet Dyson is no use to you. Disassemble the cleaner, unplug and get rid of the pump filter. A thin black filter looks very nice but it collects all the dust and dirt making it dirty. Get a soft brush with soft bristles and wet the Dyson, then clean it thoroughly. Dry with a soft brush and then reassemble the cleaner.

How to Reassemble

Regularly clean Clean, dry, and store your Dyson Digital Slim cordless vacuum cleaner in a dust-free environment. Your cordless Dyson digital lightweight vacuum cleaner may have some technical problems, so check your owner’s manual or look for warranty information before trying to fix it.

Follow the instructions on your Dyson Digital Slim to refill the vacuum cleaner. Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners are simple to maintain, so check to see if the instructions are clear and simple. You can clean Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners in your home or use a shop vac, so you don’t have to wait for it to run out of power.


Dyson DC59 Overall the Dyson DC59 is a powerful vacuum cleaner that takes a long time to fully charge. It also has a detachable brush, so you can change it for a softer, gentler one when cleaning carpets. That’s what I would do, or use the cotton buds if you have pets. But overall the Dyson DC59 is a great alternative if you are after a powerful cordless vacuum. Good Stuff: Dimensions: 786 x 435 x 413mm Loads of cleaning power with strong suction Quick & easy battery charger Replacement brush needed Upright Overall: 7/10 The Dyson DC59 is a strong performer for the money and comes with a host of great accessories. If you have pets, this cordless vacuum is ideal.

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