how to clean dyson soft roller head

how to clean dyson soft roller head

My first Dyson Animal upright was a soft roller which I loved so I’m here to talk about how to clean Dyson soft roller head. If you have a Dyson Animal upright you can read about the proper way to clean the wheels and pipe.

Dyson Soft Roller:

So, all the people who write on How to clean a Dyson animal upright need to know how to clean the rollers head. If you have a V10 then you know how to clean the rollers.

If you have a V11 then you should be familiar with the issues that you can have there. So in the interest of helping more people save money by using a great cleaner. I have created a complete guide on cleaning the Dyson rollers. I’ll talk you through everything you need to know, including my Dyson Dura Clean system.

Vacuuming before cleaning:

Turn the motor off Remove the bin, hold it over the carpet or area to be cleaned, and turn the motor on. Press the start button. Turn the roller at least 10 or 20 times. Stop and move the bin out of the way.

Turn the motor off and wait for the cycle to finish. For harder to clean areas leave the bin inside the machine. Rinse the bin with warm water and tumble dry. Not cleaning the roller, turn the motor on and hold the roller in a non-scratched area of the carpet.

Push the roller in and out, using your finger if you need to as you are cleaning the tube. Wipe off any debris with a wet microfibre cloth. Leave to dry.

You can clean a Dyson Motorhead V6 & V8 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner in the same way. The Dyson Soft Roller head is for use on hard floors, including tiled areas.

Remove the roller head:

Remove the filters Take out the abrasive blades and brush Remove any gunk that the brush produces Clean any trails of gunk around the base Reattach filters Reassemble How to Clean Dyson Ultrasonic Acoustic Floor Mop How to Clean Dyson Ultrasonic Floor Mop Removable Head How to clean a Dyson Soft Roller?

Cleaning the roller head:

The soft roller head of your Dyson V10 or V11 is actually the most useful part of the cleaner when it comes to cleaning, and by cleaning the head you’ll reduce the chance of it being thrown around or getting left stuck to anything.

The motorized assembly works with a lot of different tools such as the suction tool and the brush tool, but not all tools work well with the roller head, and it’s worth bearing this in mind when you’re cleaning. According to the instructions, it should be cleaned once a month with warm, soapy water and then once every 3 months with water and a towel.

Spot clean the surface of the roller head by running a cotton swab around the inside of it to get rid of any dirt or dust.

Cleaning the roller brush:

Removing the filter for the filter can be tricky. You will need to use tweezers to remove the filters from the brush Clean and Refill These part numbers are used on our current Dyson Pivot Vacuum Cleaner.

Replace to replace with part number: 08-3640 Refill with a fresh Dyson V10 cordless 03-3508-100 Remove the filter from the hose and put on the clean roller Allow to air dry Refill with filter Which V10 Do I Need? Pivot Vacuum Cleaner 0.75in Front Diameter Cleaning Brush Filter Dyson V10 Animal Animal attachments Cleaner

Head All Dyson products are primarily tested by our engineers. They use internal testing to work out where maintenance issues arise and to resolve them. Maintenance Tips Clean the filters once a week.

Putting the head back on:

Insert the head into the machine. Tighten the hose clamp. Place the cleaner on a soft flat surface and turn the hose clamp clockwise. When the hose clamp is turned fully clockwise tighten the hose clamp and start cleaning your carpet, upholstery, or carpet. When you are finished clean up the same way you took it off.


After a short research, the top reasons why a top-quality and good suction die has been hard to find. I’m going to share all the good tools & products that I found out and most importantly one of the best tools for cleaning: The Dyson Soft Roller with Easy Fan Detangler.

You can easily detangle all the dust with a brush and suck it away from the floor without damaging the soft roller mechanism at all. That’s why it has a big advantage over other brushes. In this blog post, you can see some of the best products I used to clean the Dyson vacs.

Final Words I have been using Dyson since the early versions, now I have a Dyson only one model with the new handpiece. Before it was the only model that my wife allowed me to buy best dyson because of the small size and the horrible suction.

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