how to clean dyson v7 trigger

dyson v7 trigger

How to Clean Your Dyson V7 Trigger:

  1. Cheap the best  Dyson V7 Trigger Tabletop Vacuum Directions 1. Remove all attachments Remove the cords from the V7 Trigger (they are stuck to the trigger) and place them in the bin of your cleaning tool, saving them to be used later on.
  2. Clean up to be sure nothing is blocking the suction Using a rag and a piece of nylon scotch tape, clean up any debris that may be stuck between the suction and the tool.
  3. Plug it in Plug the cordless vacuum into an outlet. It will automatically turn on, charge up, and open the battery cover. The battery should start to drain about 2 hours after the first use, so get the battery drain checked at your local hardware store before running the Dyson V7 cordless vacuum all day long. The battery should be full when you start using it.

Access the Filter:

In the filter tube, there is a simple filter that connects the vacuum motor to the brush bar. This allows the filter to function as a separate and airtight environment. You can even remove and clean the filter at the same time as the dust and pet hair trap.

Remove the Dyson V7 Trigger Smart or Unattended Smart cordless handheld vacuum’s trigger from the battery box and remove it from the vacuum. If you have the Smart or unattended version, it comes with two additional charging cables.

One to use with the cordless model and the other to use with the vacuum’s original batteries. Remove the standard lithium-ion battery cover from the vacuum motor housing. You’ll see a handle on top of the vacuum. It’s the lid that pops off and reveals the battery.

Remove the Filter:

These nasty filters can take up a lot of space in your vacuum storage case. While they are needed to keep your air flowing, they are a pain to remove.

Remove the filters completely, and you can reuse them to clean up an old mess. Next, you need to remove the fabric filter from the filter housing. You can do this with the included tool or a screwdriver. Just be careful not to scratch the filter, as this can leave dangerous levels of static on your surrounding surfaces.

Clean the Motor Now that your filter has been removed, it’s time to clear your motor. You can do this by cleaning the dirt out of the housing. It’s important to put a slight amount of soap in the motor’s o-ring when cleaning to help it slide smoothly. Be careful when scrubbing hard dirt out of your motor though.

Clean the Motor:

The design of the Dyson V7 Trigger makes it easy to clean. Open the nozzle and turn it upside down into a cup full of water.

Open the bag and place a cotton ball into the gun that opens from the side. Blow into the gun until the suction starts to pump out the water and you can see a blob in the cup.

As you push the lever forward the cotton ball turns into a dust bag that sucks up all the dust. Add a Wet Noodle to the Drum The Dyson V7 Trigger features an extension hose to help clean hard-to-reach corners and under chairs. Combine the extension hose with a wet noodle.

Insert the wet noodle into the end of the extension hose. The end that releases the trigger will now come out of the gun. Pull the trigger as you push the trigger down to extend the hose to your chosen length.

Clean the Wheels:

Look, you want to clean the wheels of your Dyson V7 Trigger (and they are covered in hardened dirt, dust, and whatever else is clogging them up) and you want to clean them as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

Check out the first section of this tutorial for the method. For detailed step-by-step instructions, please see the second section of this tutorial. Here’s an illustration of how you should vacuum the wheels. (By the way, I’m not kidding.

This was the picture that came up when I tried to search for instructions on how to clean the wheels of the Dyson V7 Trigger on my iPhone. A picture? What were they thinking?)

Here’s what you do:

  1. Turn off the vacuum.
  2. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove.
  3. the wheels from the middle of the handlebar.


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