How to Use Dyson v8 Absolute

how to use dyson v8 absolute

How to Use the Dyson V8 Absolute:

Home use of cordless vacuums is on the rise. While handheld vacuums are nice, they don’t tend to offer anywhere near the power that they should. It’s no wonder then that Dyson has been producing a very competitively priced Dyson cordless vacuum for the past few years.

This new model is the Dyson V8 Absolute which just about breaks every rule of cordless vacuum design to help it stand out from the crowd. It features a powerful V8 motor that stands at 95mm high and weighs 3.9kg. It is said to have a 23mm cyclone which is said to operate at up to 40 minutes per charge.

If you need to charge it, then there’s also a dedicated charger built-in which, in reality, only needs to be plugged into a mains socket. So how does the Dyson V8 Absolute compare to the Dyson V7 Absolute?

How to use the Dyson v8 absolute:

Hook a cable into the back of the V8 Absolute, or use the included Pouch to grab the V8 Absolute off of its charging dock. Connect the V8 Absolute to your portable power source with its DC charging port.

Lightly run the back of the V8 Absolute across your floor to help collect up all the junk you’ve collected in your house. Remove any cable routing with a Phillips screwdriver, leaving just a few tiny cuts. Set the Dyson cordless stick vacuum back into the dock, then connect the cord to the V8 Absolute via the channel built into the battery door.

The Pouch on the cord plug into power the V8 Absolute and Dyson v7 pro. Repeat as many times as necessary until all of the dust, pet hair, and debris have been collected.

How to use it as a handheld:

Place on a flat surface and the assembly will automatically calibrate for height, with the dryer button turned off. Add dirt to the vacuum and the button will cycle to a nozzle mode.

Charging the vacuum To charge the V8 Absolute cordless vacuum, simply place the unit on a charger for a recommended charging time of 1.5 hours. All batteries can be recharged in about 1.5 hours, from a standard American outlet.

However, using a charger can be more convenient if you’re in a hurry to get the vacuum back to work. Replacing the vacuum To replace the battery or battery pack, you will need the owner’s manual or the V8 instruction booklet, the owner’s manual, and a screwdriver, which must be removed from the battery housing.


For a little over $1000 (no, it’s not cheap) it’s a bargain. It’s very sturdy, of the highest quality, and very easy to use. Despite this, and the pricing, it is not a toy.

It is a powerful vacuum with enough power to tackle both carpets and hard floors. So if you’re after a Dyson cordless option, then this is a great product.

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