How To Use The Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum 8 Tips

How to Use the Dyson V8 Animal:

Use how to use the Dyson v8-animal Magic wand attachment on the handle to access difficult corners and get into areas you may not normally reach. Max power mode allows for powerful cleaning. There is no need to switch off the battery when vacuuming. Cordless vacuums can suck up a lot of pet hair. To remove as much pet hair as possible, ensure you’re cleaning using the HEPA filter.

Dyson V8 Animal has a total of 9 sub-surface attachments to help you clean even harder. Using the Pure Cool Link Air filter, which is also included in the box, you can wash your V8 Animal to keep it clean and ready for another clean. There are plenty of accessories available to add to your Dyson V8 Animal.

Charging the Machines:

The batteries are smaller and fit into the attachment dust box. The drum and motor and filters come off and fold up. The connected batteries store a charge when the motor’s off to allow for powerful cleaning for up to 40 minutes without recharging. The Accessory Compartment: Unfold and clip the flexible battery handle to your pocket. Once it’s fully charged, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power.

To keep items from tangling, place them into the magnetic accessory compartment, and to avoid the clutter, keep small items in the inner part. Automatic Smart Hub & App The Dyson Connected app and the cordless hub are simple and useful tools that can make cleaning easier.

Empty the Tank:

The first thing you need to do is empty the filter of all the filter materials. Set up the Dyson V8 and wait for the indicator light to flash on the power port. You want to empty this tank before any cleaning in case it is full of bits and debris and you need to do a full clean. Unclip the Microfiber Moulding Place your hand over the opening of the motorized hose and give a quick pull.

The hose retracts and allows you to empty it with the Dyson handheld. There is a warning sticker on the front of the tank saying it may be difficult to remove. Never use a pair of pliers with this tank! Instead, grasp the smooth underside and slowly remove the top section with your fingers. The Bin Now remove the filter from the V8 bin and place it inside the bin buy best dyson.


A few short touches on the V8, and the cleaner’s charging pad lights up to confirm that it’s ready for action. As the battery recharges, it automatically goes into standby mode to save energy. A handy LED display with display modes, buttons, and the level indicator shows battery status and the unit’s current charge level.

The tool features a multi-directional, slightly grippy grip and a knob to control speed, steering, fan speed, and max vacuum power. A side brush features three-layer filtration and extractor to capture loose hair, dirt, and debris as well as the motor’s suction power to pick up dirt, debris, and hair. When the motor spins at max speed, the tool generates 22 decibels of sound. How to Clean the Dyson V8 Animal 1. Select the Cleaning Mode.

Bagless Cleaning:

The Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum cleans inside and out with powerful motor and magnetic brush heads. Quick Boost makes it easy to clean with this super lightweight cleaning head. The Cord-Free Rechargeable Battery provides up to 40 minutes of cleaning. And, when you need to recharge it, no tools or batteries are needed, just plug it in.

Three Different Convenience Features A handy bag on the side of the machine empties the dirt bin and cleans it. A super light design makes it easy to lift the machine into and out of your car. And, an easy-to-use brush bar and filter system give you cleaner air and filtration. Faster And Safer Than Battery-Powered Vacuums Battery-powered vacuums need to recharge before they can be used again, often taking a couple of hours.

Helpful Tips:

Avoid the Big Clump: Find the biggest mess and put it in the collection bag. With a unique two-part filter, you can clean the dirt without touching it, ensuring that no dirt from the whole cleaning cycle will be inside the motorized bin and fouling up your filter. Ideal For People With Sensitive Skin: It’s recommended that these types of people use the Eco Mode to provide softer, gentler cleaning.

It’s also handy for more than allergy sufferers, this is a great cleaner for anyone with skin that suffers from dryness or other skin conditions. Tips For Ripping The Cord: Sucking up an animal toy or other annoying throw-away debris with the Animal upright is easier than you might think.

Cleaning the Filters:

Every time you use your Dyson V8, clean the filters. There is a filter guide on the back of the machine. Most power models use filters that are designed to remove more allergies than the most powerful room air cleaners. The filter guide tells you exactly where to vacuum to remove dust and allergens from the filter. Remove the filter from the canister after use, and then place it in the filter guide.

The filter guide folds out and fits inside the canister. When the filter is clean, you can place it back in the V8 canister to be cleaned by itself. The Dyson V8’s filter only needs to be changed every 7-10 days, depending on your cleaning schedule. The filter guide is transparent, so you can clearly see the exact location where you need to clean.

Cleaning the Brush:

The Dyson V8 Brushless Cordless Vacuum is easy to empty. The removable bin releases the dirt collection into the fresh air when it’s empty. Simply press down on the plastic pull-out handle on top of the bin, and the dirt collector releases. Use a small scrap of paper to remove debris from the filter. Get into the Right Position With the Brush Head angle selector on the motorized brush, you can choose between three cleaning modes: Floor, Upright, or Catwalk.

Upright mode tightens up the airflow to the bin, making it easier to empty. The Flip Side Brush Cleaning position moves the dirt collector and side brushes to the side to collect on the shelf, and the High-Voltage cleaning position turns off the motor to collect on the bottom of the shelf.

Cleaning the Roller:

Tip 1. Air it out. Set the Dyson V8 Animal up in the corner of your main cleaning area.

Tip 2. Stack the roller on top of a piece of furniture.

Tip 3. Select the lowest suction setting on the wand and place the roller in your first collection bin.

Tip 4. Determine where your roller basket needs to go and place it there.

Tip 5. Select the highest suction setting on the wand and remove the roller from the bottom of the bin.

Tip 6. Place your first collection bin inside the roller bin and turn on the cleaner.

Tip 7. Insert a hose and hit the clean button on the side of the cleaner.

Tip 8. Use the wand’s maximum suction power to suck the dust and dirt out of the bin and onto your floor. Picking up pet hair.


We’ve been using the Dyson V8 Animal upright and bin vacuum for the past couple of weeks. It cleans up nice, thanks to the smaller brush and small bin capacity, but I still like using the handheld as I feel that it is easier to maneuver. What do you think of the Dyson V8 Animal? Is it better than the V8 Absolute? Let us know below.

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